The difficult part about the most wonderful time of year is… sometimes it isn’t.

For some people, this is their first year without their spouse, their child, or their best friend.  And frankly, they are lonely.

Happily, there is a sort of cure for loneliness.  And that cure is YOU.

Who do you know that is isolated (even willingly) this season?  Feeling abandoned is to feel punished.

I can sense the eyerolling already from some readers.  “C’mon, you don’t know THIS guy.  He’s obnoxious and whines and will kill any festive spirit out there!”  Fine.  I hear you.  I even agree with you.  So have a big shindig and invite this pity-case.  It doesn’t need to be a four-course dinner party with linen napkins.  Think of a snowman-building afternoon where you make the hot chocolate and hang a candy cane in each mug.  He can build a snow Eeyore if he wants.  Take a picture of him with a mug in his hand next to the completed said Eeyore.  Send the picture to him later in the week.  It’ll really mean something.  “But I live in southern Texas, and we get snow about as often as leprechauns!”  Alrighty.  Host a large (even outdoor) potluck dessert party where everyone brings one wrapped ornament to exchange.  The cost is minimal to everyone, and this person is easily swallowed up in all the sugar and good cheer (two things that I happen to believe go hand-in-hand).

My point is this: goodwill is free.  And so is hope.  You are giving this person hope that their life WILL get better.  Really, wouldn’t you like to get that, too?