You know when something seems like a really, REALLY great idea?  And then it isn’t?

Yeah.  Me, too.

That flattering comment you made that turned out not to be as complimentary as you’d hoped, the funny story that some guy told at work that nobody laughed at, or the “thoughtful” way your mother described you to that eligible bachelor… these things sometimes just don’t work out like you would hope.

I can think of two personally mortifying ideas that went awry.

 My mother-in-law had a feline of two decades pass on from… uh… I don’t know… sheer evil?  Vicious antagonism?  Kitty insanity?  Now, she was a brilliant woman, but this wretched animal was truly her blind spot.  Anyway, the cat died after prolonged gruesome suffering.  My solution was to comfort my mother-in-law with (oh, yes) a new cat.  The effect wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.  Actually, it was not at all what I was hoping for.  She gasped (not out of joy).  She sputtered (not out of joy).  She cried (not out of joy).  The cat came to live with us.

Then there was the time I fell in love with a house.  An old, marvelous house.  It had charm, character, and a great floor plan.  It was at the top of our price range.  It was my dream house.  Buying it seemed like snatching up a gem.  And while I did not have any experience in snatching up gems, we did buy this wonderful house.   We did not know that it had windows that whistled, lathe and plaster walls, knob and tube wiring, and asbestos siding.  Only two robber barons in the state would insure our death-trap.  They posed as insurance companies.  We set about restoring the house.  We refinished (by hand) the original hardwoods, scraped off horrible popcorn ceilings, replaced plumbing, and paid handsomely for windows that did not whistle.  Then… then… the unexpected happened.  My husband got a job two hours away.  The market was a buyer’s market, and we were selling.  We lost a painful chunk of retirement money over that dream house.  But we’d learned so much!  We gained a reputation of being capable do-it-yourselfers and were fearless to tackle any project.  I didn’t stop thinking that buying that house was a great idea until we drove by it years later to see that the current owners had put patio furniture out on the front lawn, taken down the picket fences, broken some of the non-whistling windows, and left the demolished chimney laying in ruins over the driveway.

Here’s hoping your day was filled with really, REALLY great(ish) ideas.