Any woman who has grown out her hair to an exceptionally long length and then cut it off experiences a particular sensation.  Sometimes it is immediate; sometimes it takes a week.  But it’s universal.






Some ladies comfort themselves with the idea that they now feel free and different.

Others tell themselves that their cut was a sacrifice, and they have done something noble.

And yet others grasp for any consolation that removes the indelible sense of baldness.

Almost always, tears are shed.

Which brings me to my point.

Longer hair is feminine.  Cutting it too short makes us feel that we are somehow less of a woman.  It’s just how we’re hardwired.

Some women never let their hair grow back out to a longer length.  They keep it short because it’s “easier to care for” or because “it looks bad when it grows out” or because it’s “more business-like”.

But they don’t feel as feminine, and I would argue that they CAN’T feel as feminine as when their hair was longer.  They are truly either too impatient to let it grow or feel like being feminine is weak.

A woman with longer hair is more confident and patient than one who looks “butch”.

If you’re going to cut it off, grow it back.

Love the locks.