A burly young man was answering how his Christmas was and noted, “Yeah, we had a great day with all the family!”  One: it is refreshing and surprising to hear an early twenty-something say that he had fun with his family.  Two: it was unusual that he said ‘all the family’.  This is why…

“My dad and I got up really early and goofed around with video games before opening gifts.  I called my mom to wish her a happy Christmas, and she and I laughed over some old stories.  Then we went to my aunt’s house and saw all the cousins and ate a HUGE brunch.  We had ham and hash browns and gravy on e-e-e-e-verything and…”  Here he got a little choked up.  “And my aunt had made these biscuits…”  Another deep breath.  “They’re the ones that my grandma used to make, you know, Grandma D.  I don’t know; there was something about them; it almost seemed like she was there with us.  I can’t believe it’s been almost twenty years.”  He cleared his throat and looked at the ceiling.

I found a fascinating stray hair on my jacket.  By the time the offensive hair had been displaced, the young man was finished blinking and eyelash out of his cornea.

He smiled wanly.  “What is it about food, huh?”

What else could I do but nod?

Twenty years!  This fellow wasn’t even in kindergarten when his grandmother died.  (If only we all could make such an impression on our loved ones).

And she can come back to him with a treasured recipe, a whiff of hot biscuits, and a mouth-watering bite.

Behold, the wonder of food.