My new year’s resolution is the same every year:

Get More Organized

Oh, stop groaning!  This isn’t like “Get in Shape” or “Bring World Peace” or “Learn to Macramé”.

This is a resolution along the lines of “Eat Candy At Least Once A Day” or “Wear More Expensive Jewelry” or “Vacation in Fiji”.

I’m totally serious.

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (or as my husband is fond of saying, I have CDO… it’s like OCD –but in alphabetical order).  And that’s another thing, why is this a ‘disorder’?! 

My husband enjoys telling about my very weepy/moody pregnancy.  “Anytime I thought, ‘Oh, no!  There’s no end to this sobbing cycle,’ I would just say, ‘Honey, how about we go out and buy you some tubs?’  And just like that, she’d bounce up and grab her coat with a big wet smile and say how wonderful I was.”

Yes, that story is true.  But let’s look at the point.  Order is calming.  Calming, people!

I have one particular friend with whom I share this orderly bond.  We have had the most inspired conversations about anti-bacteria lip gloss (you invent it, and we’ll buy it!) and sanitizing wands (like a fairy godmother would carry… now available at Costco).  Together we have restored creativity, joy, and (this is no exaggeration) sanity to the lives of others with a few hours of delightful restoration.  A little sweeping, a touch of scrubbing, a mountain of packed trash bags, and some effective ‘area reordering’—magic happens.  It is exhilarating.

Grammar falls into this category as well, but that’s another post.  (Oh, the Oxford comma!)

What was I saying?  Oh, yes.  Getting more organized.  *sigh* Don’t you just love how that sounds?  It has a ring to it like… “I am completely out of debt”… “And then he got down on one knee with that tiny blue box”… “I hadn’t even heard of my great-uncle’s passing until his solicitor sent me the check”… “I have the most wonderful mother”… “This is my wife”…  I’m getting misty-eyed at this point, and my office is crying out to be swept afresh.

May all of your new year’s resolutions be as reasonable!