A vandal throws a rock through the front window.

Other undisciplined punks spray graffiti all down your back fence.

The officer is highly agitated and apologetic because these yahoos defaced the whole block.

A major appliance explodes (and I mean catches fire), and it is a week outside of its extended warranty.  (Dave Ramsey was right—never buy the extended warranty)!

The four springs holding up the garage door all break—at the same time—and the car is in the garage.

A pipe ruptures above the kitchen, soaking all of the cabinets and every major appliance… and there’s no pipe above the kitchen.

At this point, do you:

A)     Bury your head in your hands and sob uncontrollably

B)      Start cursing loudly

C)      Find someone else to beat savagely

D)     Go back to bed

Trick question.  The answer is: E) Make a hot cup of tea.


Settle down and be adult about this.

And then pray.

No kidding.

Here’s the Paul Harvey’s ‘Rest of the Story’ to this tragic saga…

The fence gets sanded down.  Because Dave Ramsey gives good advice, an emergency fund is in place to replace the window and buy a new appliance and replace the garage springs (that come with a LIFETIME warrantee for F-R-E-E).  The police step up patrols around the neighborhood and scare off the emerging hoodlum population for years.   A retired pipe-fitter friend happens to be on his way over, and since the water got shut off within sixty seconds, the floors and ceiling get dried out after a mere twenty-four hours of inconvenience.  And Husband offers to shampoo all of the carpets (because he’s awesome like that).

For my money, the praying was the ultimate factor to relief in this mess.

And the tea?  Well, that was just to take the frantic dread off of things.  Besides, apricot peach honeybush is calm in a cup. *cough* That’s a hint Celestial Seasonings.  Don’t discontinue my calm. *cough*