Cooking a new recipe is a delicate thing.

After the expense of unusual ingredients, frustration in realizing that something needed to be marinated twenty-four hours ago, bewilderment over what braised truly means, and annoyance of taking twice as long to prepare…

There’s the non-committal “Mmmfwuph” that may be mumbled from the other family members who are all scooting your creation around their plate while exchanging frantic glances.


The gamble is that maybe the others at the table will have their heads rocket up from their plate, starry-eyed with amazement.  Perhaps a blissful sigh will escape… maybe eager food-shoveling will ensue.  Eyelids will flutter in ecstasy, a moan will be barely audible, ‘seconds’ will be scooped before firsts are finished.

You.  Will.  Be.  Revered.

Your family will be thrilled.

Your friends will hear legend of your dinner parties.

Who are we kidding?  STRANGERS will hear legend of your toast!

And that is why a cooking is a delicate thing.

There’s no in-between.

Only utter success or tragic failure.

Take out, anyone?