It has often been said that education is the silver bullet.

I disagree.

Education gives you the ability to learn more, faster.

But education isn’t the weaving that holds the cloth of society together.

Society can function without literacy, higher math, or the written word.  Sure, it’s dismal, but it can clunk along.

The real silver bullet?


If your son is brilliant… and evil… he is a bomb waiting to go off on the innocent.   If your daughter is a genius… and wicked… she’s a patch of mold, ready to permanently infect all those she meets.  And it’s your fault.  If you’re a parent, you are responsible to raise assets to civilization.  If your child feels like our country ‘owes’ them welfare—you’re to blame.  You didn’t teach your child about God.

So worry less about your son’s grades, and care more if he swears on the playground.  Does he hold the door for the kid on crutches?  Can he tell you WHY it’s wrong to write his name on the bathroom wall?  Does he speak respectfully to adults?  Including you?

Education opens doors.

Morality builds the house for those doors.