This is the time of year when the ever-pressing grey pushes too far, and my sub-conscience suddenly snaps under the oppressive darkness.




Even being warm is not as important at this point as being surrounded by natural daylight.  Lots of natural daylight.

Dreams begin to drift into still shots of Antelope Canyon.  Cactus plants seem inviting.  Caribbean colors look more appealing for the bedroom walls than cozy neutrals.

I’m craving fresh oranges.  Yellow shirts keep being selected from the closet.  My sunglasses are constantly (and ridiculously) perched on my head.  Please, anything that is associated with sunshine!

I’ve read historical accounts of people throughout history that had to hide in caves or underground to survive wars, ethnic “cleansings”, and natural disasters.  They would live out of the light of day for long stretches of time.  When they emerged, they would be malnourished, frail, and sometimes insane.  But what did they love best?  The sunlight.

If you live somewhere sunny today, go outside and tip your face towards the heavens… and enjoy.

I’m going to get a glass of orange juice.