“I made this for you.”

This is either a sentence that inspires delight or dread.  If the speaker is that creepy guy at work who doesn’t understand the definition of a ‘space bubble’, it’s the latter.  If the speaker is that friend who is known for her fabulous culinary skills, it’s the former.

If the voice is that of your child… it’s a toss up.

Will you turn around to behold your wedding album fresh with “captions” written in your favorite lipstick shade?

Will you turn around to a construction paper bookmark with pain-stakingly drawn hearts?

It’s really a very funny little phrase, akin to:

“Where does this go?” (that last tiny screw to your radiator or a pearl earring that was thought to be lost forever)

“Who would have guessed?” (the next door neighbor who got busted for running a meth lab or a hundred dollar bill found in your old coat pocket)

 “Bet was that your only one!” (priceless teapot your ancestor brought from the Old World or cancerous mole that was just removed)

“Look what she’s wearing!” (Oscar de la Renta or neon stirrup pants)

“Wow.”  (You’ve heard it both ways.)

But this little blog entry?

It’s in honor of my husband, Mr. Anonymous.  Today’s a special day for him.  He always manages to say those funny little phrases the right way.

Darlin’, I made this for you.