A friend of ours once stated, “They should build an alarm clock that has a no-fail wake up sound… it would be that of a  child puking.”

Delicately put.

But, really, is there any sound that rips a parent from the deepest slumber faster than the sound of their sick child?  Not for me!

Whenever someone in our family catches a virus, I am reminded of that gruesome comment.  Happily, our child is not sick today.  I am the one under the weather.

Yet, it’s fine with me… I may be too ill to try out that new dinner recipe (requiring a special shopping trip, special ingredients, and special frustration at having to save it for tomorrow), but I am also too ill to empty the dishwasher, put away the laundry, and wrestle with my ancient language homework.  It’s almost like enjoying a ‘staycation’.


But I do get naps.

And those naps are not interrupted by the sound of a child puking.