It’s been done before.  And it wasn’t my idea in the first place.

But good projects bear repeating!


Begin with a bag of yucky broken crayons you caught some friends THROWING AWAY!  (For shame!)


Take the time manage the task of tediously peeling all the broken crayons… and break them into tinier bits.  Any reds go in the red pile, any blues in the blue pile, etc.  Oh, and these are those nifty metal cupcake liners; I wasn’t willing to ruin my cupcake pans.


Bake the crayon bits at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until melted.  Repeatedly quote the wicked witch of the East, saying, “Help me!  I’m mel-l-l-l-l-ting!”


Appreciate the gorgeous volume of color before you as you impatiently wait for the crayons to cool into solid masses again.


Remove the foil liners and squeal appreciatively over the lovely new crayons.

I am shocked at how much my daughter loved this project… even the peeling part!  We figured she’d be too old to care about using any of these; they aren’t exactly compact and neat.  I meant for these to go to some little creative hands, but we’ll be keeping a few just for our own artist.

Hope you have a colorful day, too!