We are going on vacation… next week!

My husband made reservations on Friday, and then we told our daughter.

By Saturday night, she came to us with a somber face.

“I wish,” she began.  “I wish you wouldn’t have told me that we’re going on vacation.”

“Why?!” asked my husband.

“I’m so excited that I can’t stand it.  I don’t think that I’m going to make it until we leave.”

My husband, smiling, assured her that she’d survive.

“What are you most excited for?”

“You aren’t going to work!  No phone calls or anything, and I won’t have to work, and Mama won’t have to work.  We’re just going to be together and do stuff together, and we’ll all be AWAY!”  She gasped for air and gave a little squeal of joy.  “I’m just so excited!”

Mr. Anonymous laughed and gave her a bear hug.  “I’m tired, too, honey.”

And that’s the truth.  We are all exhausted.

We’ve each been voluntarily taking naps, letting tasks slip, and giving up enjoyable outings just because we’re all wiped out.

So!  This week I’m not crossing off days until we leave; I’m crossing off tasks to finish before we leave!

Four projects, four loads of laundry, six dog walks, three bags to pack, one house to clean, one car to prep, gifts to prepare for our friends that we’ll see along the way, a couple thank-you notes to get sent, dishes to wash, three trips to the store, four days of school, seventeen meals to make, and…

At least one nap to take.

As soon as possible.