After years of questionable medical service, I finally found a wonderful doctor who realized what a hassle it was to get a blood test every couple of months for a routine medication refill.  She gave me a prescription that would last an entire year!

That was last February.

*Sigh* Sadly, I forgot to get my yearly blood draw.

And we leave on vacation tomorrow night.

The pharmacy has been generously helpful, making phone calls to the doctor’s office on the weekend, calling in my temporary prescription to a pharmacy near our hotel, and keeping me in the loop of the whole process.

My prescription isn’t the sort of thing you could sell on the black market or make into a street drug, but it’s also not the sort of thing I can do without.

Mr. Anonymous and our wonderful girl have been the picture of patience through all of this… just like the pharmacy staff.

No one has treated me like some irresponsible and illiterate pill-popper.  (That’s just how I feel).

Anywho, besides this little snafu, our bags are packed, the car is c-l-e-a-n, and the dog is joyously excited.  Even the toilets are scrubbed!  (Doesn’t everyone love coming home to a fresh bathroom?)

The mood in the house is electric; Mr. Anonymous and I are intensely curious if anyone in the house will even sleep tonight.

Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and the rest of the week!