We had the.



We ate our way through the sun-drenched days, explored interesting islands, marveled at the stunning architecture of God’s creation, and truly enjoyed each other’s company.  There was swimming, Mr. Anonymous read through the majority of a novel to us girls, and the fiber shops were brimming with odd treasures (100% baby camel hair yarn!).

I love our little family.

Now we’re back to real life of what-am-I-going-to-make-for-dinner, how-did-that-pile-of-laundry-get-so-high, let’s-tackle-some-homework, and make-your-own-bed-there’s-no-room-service-here.

Our tiny skin solar panels have been recharged to assist in skating us back into routines, and if double-chocolate cherry ice cream was jet fuel, the house would already be humming again.

I’ve sorted through most of the digital pictures, written thank-you notes to those who made vacation a reality (dog-sitters, beloved hosting relatives, etc.), and nearly completed several crocheting projects that were begun while we were traveling.  My ancient language homework is finished and ready for class, and my office desk has only one (seriously, ONE) project demanding attention.

Oh, and it’s glitteringly sunny today.

A nice holiday makes everything brighter.