It may appear that I have been negligent or shamefully lazy about posting lately.

My apologies.

See, I have some pretty swanky friends who are Microsoft employees.  They got me a beta copy of Windows 7 long before the general public, and I have been reaping the benefits of a sleek, stylish, and savvy operating system for an extended period of time.

Then, last week, a friendly reminded popped up on my screen, politely telling me that I had better buy my own copy before doom and destruction came a-knockin’.

I had eleven days.

It was counting the seconds.


We’ve already reviewed my technological incompetence— so you, dear reader, already know what I did in the face of such alarming news.

Mr. Anonymous legally obtained the necessary disks, codes, and who-knows-what-else and spent the last two days making my cheerful laptop… er… cheerful again.

I need to reset some of the pretty parts, but everything is running like a top (where did that expression come from?!) and a little faster than before.

I love Windows 7.  Microsoft, thank you for creating such an appealing antidote to *shudder* Windows Vista.

Although… what’s with the name?  Yes, your employees explained that it’s more matter-of-fact and straightforward, but it lacks panache; don’t you think?  ‘Vista’ sounded rather silly, and XP seemed kind of Star Trek… but there are clever people out there who have real talent for naming things: puppies, exotic cuisine, children’s toys, paint colors, and –I’m certain—your software.

Personally, I’m calling it ‘Windows Clean and Pretty’.


Maybe ‘Windows 7’ isn’t so bad after all.