When my daughter wakes up late… or my husband is uninterested in candy… they must be sick.

Isn’t it odd?

Everyone has a ‘tell’ that says, “I’m not really here right now.  I ought to be in bed.”

My fabulous mother-in-law has a sparkling wit—but not when she’s ill.

A friend will close her eyes for disturbingly long blinks (even when driving) when she is under the weather.

My grandmother would squint up one of her eyes while she had to listen to someone if she was sick.  (To be sure, she also did the same thing when she was sick of listening, too).

A friend of my husband will say n-o-t-h-i-n-g when he’s unwell (and since he is known for his constant conversation, it is significant).

The cashier at our favorite grocery store will laugh giddily at almost anything when she’s not healthy.

I do the ‘blank stare thing’ when I am contagious.

All this makes me consider… no wonder people are often offended if asked, “Oh, are you feeling sick today?”

Hope your day brings you clear sinuses, uncongested lungs, a temperate brow, and a sunny dispostion!