My husband’s aunt sent a charming e-mail last week.

I have this old bookcase; would you care for it?  I will be donating it elsewhere if you can’t use it.

The bookcase is HUGE and would readily accomodate our daughter’s expansive library.  And it’s beautiful!

Absolutely!  You’re so generous to offer!  When can we pick it up?

Then the other shoe drops…

Oh, how about I swing it by next Monday?  No need to fix dinner.  We can’t wait to tour the house.

That is why, on a perfectly gorgous Saturday, I am in my paint clothes, touching up the baseboard around the old place.  Monday morning, I’ll be scrubbing the kitchen floor, and tomorrow the slipcovers for the living room will all be washed… at some point… sometime between services.

Most of the house got a deep-cleaning yesterday.  And then we had some friends over for dinner… with their darling (super sweet) kids… who were under the impression that our couches were pommel horses.

Ah, but it’s practically SPRING!  Everything ought to be double-cleaned.

And tonight is daylight savings!  More sunshine to come!

If only we could stay on daylight savings time…

and if only I could find my bigger paint brush.

Hope your weekend smells like a fresh breeze, daffodils, and a touch of bleach!