Last year, my thoughtful husband brought me roses.

Well, rose bushes.

I’d always been leery of these pretty, prickly plants.  Everyone said that they were high-maintenance, disease-prone, and—well—fussy.

So when Mr. Anonymous presented me with two varieties of prickly sticks poking out of plastic bags, I was speechless.  And perhaps less enthusiastic than I could (read: should) have been.

But, as always, he calmly smiled and even helped dig some holes.

*Sigh* It does become tiresome to have him always be right.

Anyway, they bloomed until December (not a typo) and still looked like this:


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Right?

Well, these lovelies were no lemons, but…

When life gave us roses, we made rose jelly from the recipe here.


Ohhh-hoh-hoh, yes!  A flavor you can’t possibly imagine!  And when asked to describe it, the best I could convey was, “Ah, well… it tastes kind of like… well, a lot like… but not really like… flowers.”

Lame, me.  Very, very lame.

But the jelly was delicious!  (Even if my adjectives are lacking).

So, today is spring.  (SPRING, I tell you!!!)

It’s a perfect time to plant a rose bush.

Especially one you can eat on a scone.