Did anyone watch the American television show MacGyver in the eighties?

If so, do you remember all the episodes where MacGyver would sneak people out of communist countries or smuggle microfilm over the U.S.S.R. border?

Back then, communism was considered evil.

Today, the average American under twenty-two years old has no idea what the Berlin Wall was or why it was torn down.  There is no knowledge of the secret police or what being exiled to Siberia meant.  Marx, Stalin, and Lenin could be the names of rock stars… instead of deranged men, murderers, oppressors.

So here’s the real question:

Our government leaders here in the states are all over twenty-two years old.  Did they not pay attention in history class?  Did they not live through the Cold War?  Did they never watch MacGyver?!

This push for socialism, the hate for capitalism, and the belief that they no longer ought to submit to the will of their voters… why, oh, why did they railroad through government healthcare?

I am astounded.  And appalled.

And open to suggestions…

Anyone know of a country where there is freedom of religion, a moral government, and the opportunity to work hard for a living?  My future grandchildren may be citizens there.