Our daughter got a few hand-me-down pieces from some older girls at the congregation.  We washed and hung them all up in her closet a few days ago.  Monday night, we were putting away the toys and art supplies of the day when she piped up, “You know, this dress has totally a gramma-print.”

I looked over my shoulder in surprise.  One, what a rude thing to say!  And two, where did she pick up that phrase?

“What dress, sweetheart?”

She pointed to a new purple-based reversible dress.  “This one.”

“Honey,” I said reprovingly.  “That’s a gorgeous print!  I like it a lot.”

She stared at me in confusion.  Slowly, she replied, “Mom, I know.  That’s what I just said.  It’s just like what Gramma would wear.”

It took me a moment, and then I laughed out loud.

My mother-in-law is such a fashion icon!  Our daughter’s gold standard for clothing: would my grandmother wear that?  If yes, it’s a keeper!