With little ones on the mind, my projects have leaned more than usual into babywear.

There’s such satisfaction from making baby things; typically, they go together quickly… and they are so stinking cute!

There’s a great tutorial for these ties here.  I still need to add the elastic for around the neck, but the four sizes range from 18 months to 4 years old.  A friend suggested using the scraps from making these mini ties to create some mini bow ties.  Yeah, that must be attempted.  Soon.

And this sweater could accomodate a newborn boy or girl… although, before giving it to a girl, I may add some ruffles or flowers or something.  The color is more of a deep merlot and less of, well, the color in the picture.  I’m not mean enough to put a boy in a pinky-red.

It’s all crocheted, and I’m part of the way through a crocheted baby blanket, too.  Two more friends just announced that they are pregnant… and I suspect a third will soon.  I will be prepared!  After these projects are wrapped up, a baby quilt is on the docket.

All this has a two-fold effect.

1. The waiting is easier.

2. My office is getting cleaned out.

Order, comfort… ahhhhhhh.