I have not been hiding, good readers.

I’ve been cleaning.

Tomorrow is our home study for adoption.

Our social worker sent a reassuring letter saying that this was NOT going to be a ‘white glove’ inspection.

But if you tell any woman that you’re going to inspect the cleanliness of her house before you can approve whether or not she gets a baby…

She’s going to clean.


And if you tell an obsessive/compulsive woman that you’re going to check the cleanliness of her home for ANY reason—

She’s going to be a little neurotic.

Mr. Anonymous made fantastic progress on the fence today; he and our daughter stayed outside (read: far away from my disinfecting) most of the day.

My poor family.

When I asked what I could do to for them to make up for not letting them in the house for all their cooperation, they requested homemade pretzel rolls, cheddar tomato soup, and Oreos.



Aside from scrubbing, I finished a baby quilt.  My brother-in-law is going to be a father in November, and he is a hunter/fisherman type who lives in Montana.  I won’t put it in the mail until they find out that they’re having a boy.  And, yeah, I’m that confident that the little guy is a boy.


I love the little cabins the best!


I haven’t ironed it yet because, man, I hate ironing!  (And I’m no photographer either!)

And the fabric is all by Debbie Mumm.

After our home study, I’m going to break down and buy some baby stuff: diaper bag, car seat, bottles, and quilt fabric for our own addition.

Four of our friends now are expecting babies (all in November—must be something in the water!), and I have three boy gifts and one girl gift done.  None of them know the gender of their children yet, so I’m hedging my bets and making another girl quilt… or two.  Or I’ll just wait it out another month until they all have their ultrasound results.  Hmmm… to be lazy or not to be lazy?

We’ll wait and see how tomorrow goes!