I have a pretty fantastic mother-in-law.

She doesn’t understand my fugal nature, but she is supportive of it.

Case in point:

I told her that I still wanted to buy a couple portable changing pads for the diaper bag, and she asked what those ‘sorts of things’ were made out of.  Shrugging, I mentioned anything thick and washable (preferably bleachable).  She disappeared from the room and emerged with a thin waterproof mattress pad from Bed Bath & Beyond (why, oh, WHY do they not use commas in their name?!).

“Like this?” she questioned.

“Umm, yeah, just exactly like that.  Where did you get that?”

“Oh,” she noted.  “I picked this one up because the cat had been sick, but I never used it.  I thought of you and felt guilty just throwing it away.  Why?  Can you use it?”

*Insert happy dancing here*

So here is a simple, SIMPLE tutorial for how to make your own diaper changing pad.  We’re talking all straight seams; do not be afraid.  If you’ve sewn before, this project will probably take you less than a half hour for both.  They are washable and can even go in the dryer if you use a low heat setting.  But be warned, DO NOT IRON.  Ahem, enough said on that.

Step 1:  Cut your large waterproof mattress pad in half (not the long way—otherwise you’ll have two skinny pieces).  You now have the beginnings of two changing pads.

Step 2:  Fold each piece in half again (outsides facing in), so you have two square-ish pieces.

Step 3:  Very close to the edges, pin your front to your back.  Leave a space unpinned about 6” long in the middle of one side.  You will not sew here.   And, no, I do not usually pin this way, but I didn’t want little holes in the changing pad.

Step 4:  Sew along your edges.  Your piece is still outsides in.  Your seam ought to be a half inch wide.

Step 5:  Clip your corners, so there isn’t as much bulk at each corner.

Step 6:  Using the space you did not sew, turn your piece with the right sides out.  Flatten it out the best you can with your fingers.  Once again, DO NOT IRON.

Step 7:  Back at your sewing machine, stitch a quarter of an inch this time from the edge… go all the way around.

Step 8:  Put under baby when you’re ready to do your doody duty.

Well done!

As for me, yesterday, I found out that an old friend is expecting a boy next month.  Yikes!  Back to the sewing machine.