Our household has been in a flurry of activity this last week.

My beautiful and witty sister is coming into town this weekend, and we’re in a tizzy over it.

I wanted to refinish my office floor before she arrived, but that meant that several projects had to be accomplished first.

One blanket I mailed off to a friend in another state who called to say (surprise!) that she was pregnant with a  baby boy… but I forgot to take a picture of it!  Man!  (It was cute; I promise.  It was blue and had a monkey.  That’s cute, right?).

Another blanket is fleece-backed with a traditional cabbage rose print that kind of hints at Laura Ashley and the early ’90s, but I find myself liking it anyway.

And then I found another scrap of pink polka-dotted fleece that shaped up wonderfully for quiet sensory toys (they are the BEST for during church services).

After sewing was cranked out, I stripped out my office and packed things up to the attic.  We’ve sanded, wood-filled, sanded again, primed (twice), painted several coats, varnished several more coats, and are now letting everything dry.  Tomorrow, we intend to reload the room.  Then I’ll wash all of the guest linens and prep things for my sweet sis.

On a side note, I’ve mentioned that we have an affinity for old dogs.  Well, our current old dog is really getting on lately and has a new favorite treat that she sneaks when we are out of the house.  We came home the other evening to this on the floor.

She’s been trying to go out the hinge side of open doors as well…  Neither Mr. Anonymous or I are looking forward to having this dog put down, so hopefully, if we can keep her away from the sandpaper for a while, she’ll hold on a little longer.

If I don’t post for a bit here, know that we’re all having a deliciously wonderful time escorting my sister around town and entertaining every night.  Hope your week is equally nice!