We tearfully dropped off my sister today at the airport and are now in holy-cow-we-need-to-catch-up-with-real-life mode.  The amount we have eaten this last week kind of boggles the mind.  We can survive off of the leftovers until next Thursday.  Double the amount of sit-ups for me tonight!

In the meantime, we are in full-swing with the adoption process and have our portfolio out to several birthmothers.  The nursery is almost finished (but what color to paint the walls?!  Gender is necessary!), and we’ve almost agreed on names.  (I do love to read all the name obsessiveness over at Swistle.  Brilliant, people, brilliant).

And for kicks, here is a fun site to make a font-happy heart go pitter-patter.



If you don’t have the romance with letters that *ahem* some folks do, it may not be so appealing.  But I dig it.  A lot.

Have a sunny weekend!