Remember that cabin quilt I made for my brother-in-law’s new son?

Yeah, well… he’s not having a son.  He’s having a daughter.

Soooo, today I finished this blanket for my new neice.

I have no idea what the nursery looks like or even the mom’s favorite colors, but I’m hoping to surprise them this weekend at a family gathering, and calling up and asking specifics might give it away.

I thought about binding it with black bias tape, but upon suggesting it, our daughter gave me that what-are-you-THINKING?! look.  *Ahem* So it just has a rolled hem.

And see that lucious red floor?

I.  LOVE.  IT.

It is so easy to lay out a quilt on it, sweep it, and (perhaps most importantly) disinfect it.  *Sigh*  It makes me squeeze my palms together in bliss.

Mr. Anonymous and I have agreed upon baby names.  That sound?  Oh, it’s the heavens parting to the sound of opera singing.  Don’t mind it.  As I was noting, names have been picked, and (without counting our tiny toes before they are bootied) we may be in need of one VERY SOON.  Let’s just say that yesterday was a doozy of  a day, and we’re all trying quite hard not to have our hopes up too high.

A quick aside… it’s becoming cumbersome to state ‘Mr. Anonymous’ or ‘our daughter’.  Yikes, what if I slip up?!  What if we get another daughter?  Will I type ‘daughter 1’ and ‘daughter 2’?  (‘Cause, hey, let’s face it… no one wants to be number two.  You know what I mean?)  There’s a Baby naming website that I’m addicted to fond of, and on it, the hostess uses pseudonyms for all of her family members.  I am strongly considering using this idea myself.  Be prepared that Mr. Anonymous may become ‘Hershyl’ or some other nice name.

And now you know what one of our baby names is… not.

Enjoy the day!