Imagine if you were asked, “Are you ready to have a baby in less than two weeks?”

No, no… go ahead and really let that sink in.  I have time.

Well, actually I don’t have time because right now I’m FREAKING OUT.

Baby is to be born in NINE (9) days!

We finished painting the nursery yesterday, and I even have a little blanket made up for our expected arrival.

But, otherwise, no bottles, diapers, bath tub, carseat (I know, you can’t even leave the hospital without one!), stroller, or… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

My obsessive/compulsive brain is ju-u-u-u-u-u-ust now coming out of shock.

The point: blogging is taking a backseat, people.  A baby (!) is coming. 

If a post gets made in the next nine (9!) days, it’ll be a real surprise.

Joy and affection to you all!