While we wait for baby to be born, Mr. Anonymous and I face the same question from relatives, friends, and nosy strangers:

“Oh!  What’s the baby’s name?”

This whole fragile process has led us to cringe at the querry.

Frankly, we just don’t want to say it out loud…


what if he doesn’t come home?

What if he comes home, but his birth family doesn’t let him stay?

What if our family ends up mourning the loss of this little one?  Somehow, we think it would be all the more terrible if he were wearing our name.

Our state has a somewhat lengthy “cool off” period with this particular baby.  (Although, it’s not nearly as bad as California’s.  They have six months of waiting!  It’s outrageous!)  But once he is born, he will be labeled (wait or no wait).

For now, we are smiling appologetically and just saying that the name will be known soon enough…

like, in less than four days. (!)

And it is nice that all of these well-intentioned people are so excited and happy for us…

even though we are mum on a moniker.

And, you, good readers, I’m realizing will never know.

Sorry about that.

So, really, you know him better now than the rest of the world!

Hope your weekend is full of good knowledge and delicious secrets!