We shamelessly neglected some of the garden this summer because of all the adoption excitement.

Happily, some things survived!

This year, at our daughter’s request, we planted four types of carrots.

The tiny pile in the upper left corner is a sampling of the red carrots (very peppery), and they grew poorly.  They aren’t really the color we were expecting either, more pinky-orange and less red.

The yellow carrots were surprisingly mild, but they are sweet and had great color.

The traditional orange carrots (along the right side) have a strong, gingery bite.  We LOVE them.

And, finally, the purple carrots (only purple on the outside) in the lower left corner are earthy and very flavorful.

We took a vote, and next year, only yellow and orange carrots are going into the ground.  They really flourished!  Otherwise, after puting on some new topsoil, I’m commandeering the bulk of the vegetable garden and filling it with flowers… more oriental lilies, fragrant roses, and perhaps peonies.

Last night, I threw all four types of carrots and some baby onions into some home made chicken noodle soup.  It was tasty!  The only downside were the purple carrots; I noticed our guests picking around them on the sly.  Maybe I should have told them that they were carrots?  Oh, well!

Autumn has settled in so quickly here.  We’ve winterized most of the grounds, but there are a few things left to tend.  There’s a weekend worth of clipping and removal still left.

But not THIS weekend!  Our daughter and I are going to a mother/daughter movie party at a friend’s house.  My husband and our son will have their first boy’s night in.  I don’t like us all being separated, but somehow, I’m still okay with this situation.

And after much consideration (probably more than it deserves), I’ve decided to give everyone in the family a nom de plume.  So I’ll update the ‘What You Don’t Need to Know’ section.

Hope you’re thrilling from the treat of changing seasons!