Life here has been autumn at its best.  Bea loves all her classes and teachers this year (thank goodness!), and we do a home curriculum that she is breezing through.  Doc is growing and getting his motor skills honed while we wait for finalization on his adoption.  Sheesh!  The stress of that is ridiculous!  We try not to think about it too much… or the legal bills.  *laughing* Who enjoys a relaxing vacation anywaway when you have a baby?  Besides, we took  a fantastic  family vacation in February.  We’re very blessed.

And speaking of blessed…

Our daughter didn’t have a fussy stomach, so when Doc was only sleeping for an hour or two at a time during the night, I knew I was out of my league.  A friend suggested letting him sleep in his carseat.

For the last three nights, we’ve locked his carseat into the stroller and have ignored the bassinet.  And last night, Doc slept for EIGHT HOURS.  IN. A. ROW!  I feel almost light-headed from so much continual rest.  It’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  (And, yes, my friend got a thank you and a fat plate of cookies).

On to a different topic, Christmas is coming.

Now, don’t throw anything at your screen.  I know, I know!  The malls are basically skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving to get to the money-making, but I’m not trying to rush things!

I’m planning.

A gift here, a good recipe there… it makes for an actually happy holiday season.

The last three gifts that are stumping me are for our three sisters.  Last year, they all got handwoven scarves, silver earrings, and a home made throw blanket.  But my inspiration has run dry.  They’re all in college and are tired of reading anything… so no books.  I believe gift cards to be impersonal, so no iTunes, movies tickets, etc.  Dorm life doesn’t accomodate ready-to-bake cookies or special jams (no, it really doesn’t).  Personalized stationery is nice, but two of them have graphic designers for parents, so they get that kind of thing all the time.  One sister is a professional photographer; she has more picture frames and professional pictures than her dorm can hold.  One sister is engaged; another is about to be (shhhh!).  The third has no boyfriend even on the horizon.  So date nights wouldn’t be equivelant gifts.  All three live in different states with varying weather.

Please, someone throw me some inspiration!  If I’m going to hand make something, I need to get on it NOW.

And, finally, on a really separate subject, Bea and I often read books and recommend them to each other if they were any good.  Recently, this one struck a chord with us:  Emily of Deep Valley by Maud Hart Lovelace.  Lovelace has written plenty of other books, but this one was  poignant.  It talks frankly about what education truly is (even one hundred years ago!) and shows what a life-long learner looks like.  It was satisfying.

And I hope your week is, too!  If you live somewhere seasonal, go jump in a leaf pile!