There is one pervading question that has been asked of Bea everywhere she’s gone this last week.

Shop clerks, wait staff, acquaintances, relatives, teachers…

“What are you going to be for Halloween?”

(Never mind the fact that we don’t really ‘do’ Halloween; it’s the candy-hoarding opportunity of the year here).

So far, she’s responded with a variety of answers:

Olympic athlete

Soccer player

Volleyball player

Queen of the fairies

 And, my favorite, a soccer fairy

“What’s a soccer fairy?” Mr. Anonymous asked her.

“You know, Dad.  Like a fairy to help soccer players.  Or a fairy that plays soccer.  You know.”

“You don’t seem quite sure,” he pointed out.

“Well, I have my soccer uniform… and I have those great big silver fairy wings.  I think they’d be fine together.”

“Absolutely,” he seriously confirmed.  “I still get to ‘sort your candy’ with you though, right?”

She smiled.  “Oh, yeah.”

See, I’m sort of strict on the whole sweets thing.  I’m rather strict ALL year long.  Mr. Anonymous is equally as strict… until Halloween.  Then they divide the spoils of the evening.  (Hmmm… I think I got a cavity just typing that).

Hope you enjoy a safe and sweet week leading up to the bizarre holiday!  And remember, friends don’t let friends pass out pretzels and raisins unless they want their house toilet-papered.