Hey, it’s coming, and now that it’s November, the work is in full swing.

Recently, I attended a bridal shower.  An hour earlier, I’d gotten her gift wrapped and realized that I had no card!  Frantically digging through the slim art supplies I had on hand (because my studio had became Doc’s room and most of my tools were moved to the attic), I snatched up a white paint sample card.  Scribbling a note on it, I ribboned it onto the package before heading out the door.

At the shower, the bride exclaimed over the card.  “Mrs.!” she cried aloud (well, she said my real name).  “You are too clever!”  I nodded and smiled the best I could with too big of a bite of cake in my mouth.  “Look everyone!  It’s a paint chip that says ‘Brial Veil’.  Isn’t is darling?!”  I accepted the totally unworthy praise as humbly as possible.  Sometimes, the dice rolls better than you could hope.  It was marvelous.

And it got me to thinking about paint chip names… and cards… and (yes, yes) Christmas!

Mr. Anonymous is always happy to take a trip to the hardware store, so the family made it an outing to “find Mama some good paint names”.

And we were not disappointed!  After a little bit of hole punching, here are some of the combos:

Pine Ridge, Christmas Ivy, Black Spruce with Snow White

Galcier Ice, Frost, and Snow White

Coffe Bean, Cafe Cream, and Toasty Fireplace

Some will be tied on with twine, others with organza ribbon.

My favorites include sets like:

Chestnut and Fireside

Pine Needle and Cranberry

Mocha and Deep Chocolate

I have about twenty different ones for gracing the tops of gifts.  This weekend should be the end of the seasonal shopping, and then I can wrap presents to my heart’s content.

And then…


Hope your week is one of peace and organization!

(And good job, America, for going out and voting well on Tuesday.  It was heart-warming!)