Three out of four of the November babies our various friends were expecting have now been born!  The last one is due this Thursday.  The stash of baby things that I worked on all summer has now been almost cleared out.  It’s clean, I tell you.

Which is good (even better than the usual good of having a neat space) because Christmas gifts have taken over.  Last night, I stayed up too late wrapping, bagging, and ribboning (is that a word?).  My sister’s dorm goodie box needs to be packaged up, and then I am done until decorations come out.

And, best of all, Doc’s adoption finalization has happened.  That means that he is ours, now and forever.  (“And ever and ever!” as Bea says).  We could not be more thrilled… and relieved.

Waiting for that court hearing was like having him held ransom.  All we had to do is every single thing that was asked of us… in exactly the right way… without any questions… since he’s been born.  Otherwise, we’d never see him again.  Am I being too dramatic here?  Really, no.  That is precisely how it worked.  All.  The.  Time.  We adults were strained, and poor Bea was near being a total mess.

But, oh, the elation once the judge signed those papers!  Everyone was overjoyed: the bailiff, the lawyer, the stenographer, the judge, the officers, and—certainly—us.

Most families wait a long time and then have a baby.

We had a baby and then waited for what felt like a long time.

And, my, was he worth it!

Hope your taste buds are gearing up for Thanksgiving!  May the time you spend with your loved ones be a gift.