We’ve finished the Tour de Relatives and are now settling in for a calm couple of days.

Bea and  I finished the big round of thank-you note writing yesterday, so there’s none to pen until Saturday afternoon.  (We have this antiquated and firm rule that nothing gets worn, played with, or eaten until a letter of gratitude has been written for it).

Tomorrow, we go grocery shopping for complete indulgence food to be devoured Christmas day when we all snuggle on the bed and watch a movie.  Christmas eve is full of a special potato soup from a tradition handed down by my great-grandmother and stove-cooked hot chocolate.

Mr. Anonymous gives Bea a Christmas dress every year and wisks us off to a five-star restaurant for dinner in the early evening.  (I’m hoping after all the soup, choclate, and gingerbread that my Christmas dress still zips comfortably!)

Mr. Anonymous also plays football with the guys tomorrow morning (I’m praying that there are no trips to the ER).

Doc outgrew every little thing last night, so a trip out for some onesies might become necessary, too.

Nothing on a schedule, nothing pressing (except that Doc not spend his first holiday swaddled instead of dressed).

It seems greedy to even wish for snow.  We are so blessed!

Easy, easy, relaxed… and easy.

May your Christmas be so peaceful!