For Christmas, Bea filled our stockings with lovely little home made books and pictures.  She gave me a little notebook with all sorts of sweet compliments in it and “a few pages for you to write your thoughts, Mom”.  Ah, that child is a dream!

Doc slept, drooled, and ate his way through the festivities… and enjoyed every moment.  (Such a good little guy!)

And Mr. Anonymous gave me the most practical (I love practical) and CLEAN thing:

A new hand-stitched white quilt for the bed!

It makes my fingers itchy to sew a long, colorful pillow (silk maybe?) for the center.  Our pillowcases poking out from behind the white shams are a dark purple, but I’m toying with the idea of switching them to a deep red or chocolate brown in a few months (both of which we’ve had before).  Or perhaps a camel tone would be nice… in FLEECE (I’d sleep like the dead, but I’m afraid Mr. Anonymous would sweat to death).   I’ll have to look around.

Amy Butler is such an incredible designer; I love everything she puts together.  That’s a marvy place to look for pillow inspiration!

Well, I hope your new year’s plans are shaping up to be festive and full of resolutions!

My resolution will be the same as last year (and most every year before it).

And… sew a new throw pillow for the bed.