2011 has been a good year.

Yeah, I know that’s the sort of thing that is supposed to be said at the end of December, but if things keep on as they are, we’ve got sunny skies ahead.

Doc rolled over today for the first time.  He was trying to roll to get the dog yesterday and was continually unsuccessful.  But today, I laid him on the carpet in front of my knees, and he just flipped onto his tummy.  Bea was beside herself.  (Ah, that kid!  She is as much fun to watch as he is.  She loves every stage he goes through and anticipates it sometimes more than we do).  Doc continued to roll over the rest of the afternoon.  Pretty sweet!

My sister swept into town for a few days on her way to shoot a wedding in another state.  She’s a thoughtful peach to surprise us; we had a wonder time.  We got to celebrate her birthday with her, too!

One of Mr. Anonymous’ sisters brought by her beau for dinner (and we snuck in a birthday celebration there also).   We had an evening of laughter, cooking discussions, and homemade chicken noodle soup.

Aside from those two birthdays, we have five more left in the month… plus a wedding and a baby shower!  Talk about gift-a-licious.  I’m a big fan of cake (not the frosting, just the cake), and we’re eating plenty of it around here.

And, as a guilty pleasure, this week I get to clean out the closets!!!  The Goodwill won’t know what hit it.  Everything from shoes to swim trunks are eligible for donation.

I. Can’t. Wait.

Another of our friends is expecting twin (TWIN!!) girls, and I get to host the shower.  Do you know how many darling twin themes there are out there?!  The invitations are going to be a blast!

After that…

Valentine’s Day!

Like I said… a good year.

May you have a stellar week!