Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday.

It’s such a snuggly, sweet day tucked among the endless gray of February.

There’s pink, red, white… all my favorite colors.

There’s chocolate.

There’s always affection to share.

Mr. Anonymous gives Bea a new dress every year; he is her all-time favorite valentine (and hopefully will be until she’s, say… um… thirty).

I’ve got a (masculine) red outfit picked out for Doc and a croquembouche planned for Mr. Anonymous. 

And there’s a full white skirt that I can’t wait to wear!

This week, Bea and I made up some of these heart paper chains that have been floating around the internet.  We hung one on the chandelier in the dining room for some festive charm.

A good friend of ours is expecting identical twin girls (which is terribly exciting!).  This week, she and I solidified the design for her girls’ quilts, and I’ve started on the tops.

Doc has been expertly motoring around the first floor of the house, and his pediatrician keeps warning that he’ll be walking independently by nine months of age.  (Yikes!)  That’s a lot of early baby-proofing!  We had to put plug covers over the sockets last week.  He’s on to the stage three baby foods (chunky and gooey) and has an insatiable appetite.  He popped out a tooth two weeks ago, so now if he chews on our hands, it really gets our attention.

Bea finished all but one of her textbooks for the year… she worked tirelessly all first semester to clear out her required curriculum.  Her teachers are in awe, something I love as a parent.  We’ve been reviewing for the state standardized test in the spring, but she’s entering into what she calls ‘the fun part of the school year’.  Our feeling?  Right on, honey!

The great thing about having an anonymous blog is that when I do indulge in being verbally proud of my kids, it’s not for attention.  I’m just one more mom who loves her family—a happy nobody with lots of joy.  It’s pretty wonderful.

And speaking of wonderful, here’s hoping that your week is full of love and sugar!