I thought about posting on Friday, but then I realized it was April Fool’s Day.  It’s hard to be taken seriously when even big companies like Google or Starbucks are putting up all sorts of crazy nonsense… some really funny crazy nonsense.  *Ahem*

Moving on.

One Crafty Mumma is a Tasmanian blog that has super inspirational crafts, goodies, and ideas.  Back in early February, Melissa’s daughter (Bella) posted a wonderful tutorial on how to make a hexagon quilt top.  My interest was piqued.   While making another quilt is not on my to-do list, I did want a new throw pillow for the master bedroom.

Here is the finished pillow in place.


I quilted between each of the hexies, so they would puff out a little.


I used simple muslin, bleached and unbleached, to create the whole thing.  Here’s a twelve inch zipper at the bottom, too.


I’m not going to sugar-coat it; this was a bit tedious.  But, oh, how I love the finished product!

Thanks, Bella, for a rad tutorial!

On another note, we now have another old dog in the house.  He’s a ten-year-old and full of snuggle!  The rescue organization we got him from was a tad… um… obsessive.  We told them that we had a standing homestudy from adopting a child within the last year, and it made no difference.  They did a home inspection, called references, and even talked to our vet to make sure that our last dog was euthanized for “appropriate reasons”.


After all the rigamorole, we’re still really glad the old guy is here.  He’s only twenty pounds and is actually a purebred (which is so, SO strange on both accounts), but he’s a great dog.

Mr. Anonymous reads to us most evenings, and tonight he finished Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.  Ack!  How did I reach adulthood without having heard this story?!  I bawled my eyes out the last two chapters.  Excellent writing!

Has anyone else noticed how gloriously SPRING it is outside?  The sunlight, the florally breeze, the chartruse buds on everything… it’s like being drizzled with happiness.  My David Austin roses are coming along, and the peonies have determined stalks reaching upward.  Bulb flowers are everywhere, and the blooming cherry trees have sidewalks and sky alike dusted in pink.

Bea has taken strongly to baking as of late.  Mr. Anonymous walked into the kitchen midweek with a concerned look on his brow.

“Does anyone else think it’s excessive that we have a pan of brownies, a platter of cupcakes, and a dish of cookies all needing to be eaten?”

Bea and I exchanged glances.

“No,” we replied in unison.

Shaking his head, he muttered, “I’m going to be a diabetic before fifty!”

Bea suggested that he just not eat anymore goodies.  Chuckling, he scraped out a brownie and plucked up a handful of cookies before heading back to the office.

So we’re going to try making cantucci next week.

Hope your week is equally delicious!