Do you ever have times when it seems that it’s you versus
your projects?

I do.

Lately, they have been cresting over the walls of my sanity,
determined to conquest each second of the day.

Up until last week, they were winning…

and I was worried.

At one point, Mr. Anonymous found me stitching late into the
night, and I demanded, “Why do we have to have so many wonderful friends?!  I want to make the perfect thing for their
weddings and birthdays and housewarmings!
There isn’t enough time in the day!”

It wasn’t my finest moment.

But, like I said, that was before last week.

It is lovely when a pile of projects all finish in a
satisfying ‘whoosh’.

They all get distributed (on time).

And I am then able to clean, clean, clean.

MMM-ahhhhh!  Do you
smell that gorgeous aroma of bleach and sunshine?

Unfortunately, most of the projects I cannot show you.  (Sorry!)
Names and other such details are on them and could easily lead back to
my identity.

And that’s just not going to happen.

But, I have one project that I feel reasonably comfortable

A friend of ours owns a yacht that had a peculiar wall.  It has faded in the sun, but the previous
owner had a carving hung over one area, and when he sold the yacht, he took the
carving.  So there is a shadow of the old

Well, there WAS a shadow of the old image.

Our friend traced around the shadow, brought it to me, and
asked if I would do a Native American salmon carving to cover the area.  The only stipulation was that it had to
perfectly cover the old shadow.

And he wanted it with the natural Alaskan yellow cedar.

And he wanted it painted in some areas with traditional
black and red.

And he wanted it to wink when you passed by.

(Just kidding about the last one).

This was the finished product, and he was very pleased.

Never mind my quick work area.  I can’t WAIT for my new studio to be
built.  I dislike working out of tiny
tubs, categorically removed from the attic each time I need to make something.

But I will be SO GRATEFUL for the new space!

And it is all, of course, supremely worth the inconvenience
to have Doc.

Pfft!  I could work
out of the attic forever if that was the tradeoff to bringing him home!

Speaking of our little charmer, he is toddling around
clinging to furniture, hands, and the passing canine to get where he wants to

His pediatrician is amused at our expense because she warned
from the beginning that he would walk early (we really need to do some more
child-proofing).  He is strong and sweet
and full of zest.  This last month, he
has started saying a couple of words.

“Papa”, “Hi!”, and “DUH!” (at which point, he will point to
the dog with full intensity).  The last
one doesn’t count, though.  It’s got to
be the full thing for credit!

Bea desperately wants to be next on the vocabulary
list.  She will zip into his room in the
morning at the first sound he’s awake and earnestly say her own name over and
over.  Doc thinks it’s hilarious.  And, truth be told, so does she.

Bea is now counting down the days until summer vacation.

Oh, yes.

All of us are beginning to long for the end of the school
year.  Sure, we’ll still do a curriculum at
home, but not to be tied down to a schedule will be fabulous.  I’ve already promised to teach Bea how to

And speaking of which…

I’ve begun an embroidery project that I’ll be able to post
when it’s finished.  It’s for some
friends that are getting married in less than a month.  Hopefully,
it’ll be done in time.  If nothing else,
Bea has become deeply interesting in learning.

A win for all!

Hope your week gives you that satisfaction of getting stuff