Here’s my little embroidery project that was finished last week.


Everything got stitched into a pillow for the bride and groom.  (They WERE going to become a wall-hanging, but I was informed that wall-hangings were ‘dated’).  Their new last name begins with a ‘W’; that’s why it’s on each tree.

Since the pictures, I’ve washed and stuffed with an appropriate-sized pillow form.  (I get so impatient to take pictures just as soon as something is stitched together.  You would think I could wait twenty-four hours and present you with an actual finished product… but I guess that’s just the way I roll on the web).

Bea has state standardized testing this week, and a family member has a birthday, so we are expecting a bit of nuttiness around the house.  Not to mention another croquembouche!  And a pile of thank you notes!  Good stuff!!

I’ve started on another shawl (I have yet to keep any I’ve made thus far), and I am DETERMINDED that I will not race through it.  It will be my time-filler piece that I take out when Bea wants to read aloud or Doc is napping.  It does not have a deadline.  It will not jump to the head of the stack of projects.  I will not mercilessly drive myself to complete it.  (Somehow, typing that solidifies my resolution).  Truly, the frantic need to complete projects is my only down side to having OCD… well, that and scrubbing down my children while they’re still eating… they hate that.

Speaking of children, Mr. Anonymous wished me a happy Mothers’ Day this morning and followed it with, “You know, this is your first Mothers’ Day with TWO kids.”


If Doc had grown in me, last year would have been my first one.  (After all, to quote Dr. Suess: A person’s a person, no matter how small).  Oh, I can’t BELIVE he’s eight months old!  Poor Bea looks so forlorn whenever someone mentions his birthday.  “He’s growing too fast!” she bemoaned recently.  This made Mr. Anonymous and me laugh because—goodness!—she’s almost my size!

Hope spring has sprung where ever you are (except for you, Taz & Aussie friends.  I hope your autumn is nice)!  Hmmm… and maybe our Rwandan friends, too.  Sheesh!  Now I’m going to have to go look up second grade geography!  How about everyone just have a lovely week with a fine chunk of chocolate!  That sounds right no matter what hemisphere you’re living in!