Ahhh!  SUMMER!

There’s something so gloriously sublime about tipping your chin up to the sun and letting it caress your eyelids.



Also perfect: my David Austen roses.  The Golden Celebration variety has been going gangbusters for a few weeks, and my Jude the Obscures are ju-u-u-u-u-u-u-st starting to unwrap their peachy buds.   They smell like bliss itself.

Bea has finished school and is all registered for next year.  She got every class she wanted (which is an unexpected blessing) and is a tiny bit sad that she has to wait until September to take them.

Pfft!  Whatever.  Homemade cherry cream popsicles cure that woe.  (Consistently staying out until after ten o’clock at night with friends also makes up for the school-is-over blues).

For her various teachers, I made these little apple cozies that I read about over on Melissa’s blog.  They worked up nicely in cotton, and I got to use up plenty of extra buttons.   They were a hit.  Most of the teachers were pleased that now they had a way of keeping their apples from getting bruised in their lunch bags.

Doc took his first independent steps at a wedding we attended last Saturday (and may I take a moment to point out that that was the FOURTH wedding he’s attended in his short life.  There’s one a month through October at this point.  There must be something in the water).  What was almost equally exciting was that soon after, the photographer approached us, turned around her fancy camera in order for us to see the screen, and said, “Caught it all on film.  I’ll send them to you.  No charge!”

Can you BELIEVE it?!  What are the odds?!  We didn’t have a camera anywhere on hand when Bea took her first steps.  What a great person!  What impeccable timing!

Doc is also painfully growing out his top front teeth.  Eeesh!  Poor guy, it’s been rough for him.  His favorite food is still meat (sorry, vegan friends… he’s a hungry boy).  His bottom teeth have worked perfectly well for grinding up chunks of ham, shredded chicken, and plenty of fish.  I doubt he believes he needs these upper additions.

And speaking of additions: the new studio has begun!  I could cry.  Hope realized is all it is.

With all this dad/grad/wedding business that happens in June, gifts that would usually be tucked away in my office are perched in their
wrappings around the house.  A good friend passed along FIVE GARBAGE BAGS full of baby clothes this week, too.  Super thoughtful, no?  With the end-of-school nuttiness, I have yet to sort them, so they are congregated in my laundry room, looking white, lumpy, and awkward.  There is a large stack of
this ‘n’ that to return to other people waiting on the end of one of the kitchen counters.  And, to top it all off, we went camping last week, and the laundry is perpetually one load away from being caught up.  I’m getting a tic from all the disorder.

Of course, the fabulous in-laws aren’t dropping by until Monday.

But it’ll all get done.

No biggie.

I’ve got a plan.

It includes not sleeping, but I expect it will be highly effective.

It also includes Alton Brown’s donut recipe… ah, the perfect distraction.

Success is in my corner!

Hope your week is summer at its best!  (Sorry, Australia… hope your week is a wintery delight)!