July is such a perfect time of year!

The weather is sunny.

The nights are warm enough to stay out late and sleep with the windows open.

So many fresh fruits are in season.

Sundresses, flirty skirts, and strappy sandals are en vogue.

Summer vacation is well established.

It’s the best.

My David Austen roses have been perfuming the back yards.

This Golden Celebration and Jude the Obscure are my favorites.

Mmmmm!  I wish I could waft their lusciousness through your monitors.

Not every day this week was radiantly hot, so Bea and I baked up some pies in a jar from this website.

We made THREE batches, and by nightfall, not a crumb remained.  (Friends kept stopping by; what can I say?)

Next time, we’ll use the squatty jars.  It was a real trick to get my fingers to reach the bottom of these.

We made peach, cherry, and peach/cherry.  The fruit was so sweet; we didn’t even add any sugar.

So.  Good.

Otherwise, I find July the most romantic month of the year.

Now, I might be biased because that’s when Mr. Anonymous and my anniversary is… but that’s okay.

I don’t know about every other missus out there, but I do love a wedding anniversary.

Little love notes, taking extra time to do my nails, planning a special dinner, talking about how we felt when we met, and reminiscing about the past year.

It just never gets old.

(Even though we certainly do!  Ha!)

This week, my goal is to find a perfect gift for the Mr. and find a new recipe to whip up.

Hope your week includes sun, laughter, and a touch of romance!