Our family spent the last week at camp, staying up way too late, eating candy until Bea thought it was a food group, and playing outside in  the delicious heat of summer.

Since this was Doc’s first year at camp, I was rather  nervous about how he’d do… but he’s a true Anonymous (because I can’t very well  just type in our surname here): smiley, adventurous, and relentless.  His appetite grew alarmingly, and this  morning, we woke to find him significantly larger than he was a week ago.  Yikes!
His first birthday is right around the bend, and he is racing to meet it!  Another tooth came through today (that makes seven), he is now able to communicate simple ideas (“Hi, Dad!”, “No dog?”, “Up!”, “Night, night!”), and he walks with gusto.   He’s SUCH a good guy.

Bea’s school doesn’t start up until the end of September (hooray!), and she has a month off from our summer curriculum (well… perhaps there is a little math sneakiness happening, but don’t tell her that!).  We’ve done her back-to-school clothes shopping already, and now I have my sights set upon her learning some more embroidery.

Mr. Anonymous has made magnificent progress on the addition.  Bea and I are eager to move everything in.  She wants to sew.  I just want to get everything PUT AWAY.  I can’t decide if I’ll post pictures of the finished product or not.  One way or another, it is amazing.  Doc goes out there and carries around a book, pretending to read.  Bea and I will sit on the finished floor, sketching, crocheting, or chatting.  It has excellent light and already is such a draw for the family.  Patience, right?

Hope your week includes a glass of lemonade and a friend to share it with!