This week we all trooped down to a friend’s garden and picked quite a few green beans.  I froze over two gallons, and despite feeling somewhat like my farming childhood, the whole event took less than the morning… and we got to enjoy the veggies for lunch (with chicken, cheese, and French fried onions on top)!

Last year, when Doc was born, I cut all of my oriental lilies and every blooming rose to take to the hospital.  This year, the roses spent themselves through July and are a few weeks from the next round of beauty, but the lilies are quite fine.  We have enormous bouquets cut and dispersed throughout the house.
It’s like living in a perfume pot!  (In a good way, not an old lady way).  His birthday fills me with so many emotions.  The stress of last year is so vivid, the fact that a year has passed so quickly is mildly exasperating, and the crush of gratitude is almost overwhelming.  I’m so, so grateful.  Our incredible son: such a blessing!

And speaking of blessings, our wonderful Bea has a friend with a birthday this weekend.  We saw the idea for making a fort-building kit and decided that would nothing would better suit the birthday boy.  We included a flashlight, two queen sized sheets (they match the bag that was made from a pillowcase) with tie-downs in the corners, glow sticks, clamps, and some rope.  Bea has already requested her own for Christmas!  (Ah, less to plan!)

We also found this recipe for cream cheese-filled snickerdoodles.  It said that it would make two dozen cookies, but we easily got four
dozen (with quite a bit of left over cream cheese).  We took them to a party last night, and they proved to be a success.  They also proved
to be more than a little extra work.  They’re not the sort of thing I’d throw together if guests suddenly showed up, but they are very tasty and super soft!

These tiny zipper coin purses seem to be all the rage on the web, and I’m itching to try one.  My awesome mother-in-law has an approaching birthday, and while we already have her gift, I’d like to add one of these to it.  An added bonus is that they are most sewn by hand (which is handy when Doc is asleep).  If they work out well, they’ll be stocking stuffers this year.  So.  Zippity.  Cute.

Hope your day includes a nap and some hugs!