The little zipper pouches have been quite a lot of fun to make!  I made the green one first and then wished I had attached the lining with a blind stitch, so that is how the yellow one is lined.

The ribbon is vintage, and I found them at a garage sale for a song!  (Yeah, yeah… my thrifty spirit in action again).

Their intended use is to hold tiny Christmas gifts (like a silver charm for Gramma).

Bea is back in school now.
Doc is bewildered by the new schedule.
Both are adjusting slowly.  A few times this week, frustration has simmered out of them.  It is strange to have two ‘firstborns’.  I catch myself wishing I could dedicate 100% of my focus to each.  We know of a family that is expecting their tenth
child.  I think about those children before I begin feeling too sorry for my own!
How much time could each of them possibly receive from their parents?  Even now, I’m dashing off this entry before Bea asks for my help on her homework.

Sorry it’s such a short one!
Hope your day is full of autumn smells: cinnamon, apple cider, and soil.