1. Salvation through Jesus Christ
  2.  An incredible family
  3. Living in a free country
  4. A wonderful old house to live in
  5. Being totally prepared for the holiday season

Mr. Anonymous finished my new studio.  Oh, how I love it!

It is light and bright, organized, and the perfect place to get everything done.

This is the kids’ side.  Bea works so happily at their table, pounding out homework with Doc loudly scribbling away with a blue colored pencil on a hapless piece of paper.  Every once and a while, one of them will stop and beam at the other.


Right now, the room is full of finished gifts.  Our Christmas cards are mailed (everyone receives them the day after Thanksgiving).  The last month has been a marathon of activity to get everything done, but now we can just sit back and marinate in holiday goodness.  It’s bliss.

We had a massive annual bash at our place a couple of weeks ago, and Fuzz (the current old dog in residence) unfortunately got sick on the couch cushions shortly before hand.  Nice, huh?  So I stitched up some new ones out of old coffee sacks.  You would think the burlap would be super itchy, but, surprisingly, all but the Starbucks bags were pretty soft to the touch.  Anyway, the guests all raved about them.  Fuzz is henceforth banned from the couch.

Hopefully, I’ll get my act together enough to post some of the goodies we made for gifts this year!  There are so many fantastic ideas on the net!

I’m off to eat another helping of glorious turkey.  May God give you much to be thankful for this year!