This morning, Doc awoke significantly early and expressed his hunger.  Mr. Anonymous and I have a three-minute routine to cure this.  He fills a sippy cup with whole milk, and I put Doc in a fresh diaper.

(This is an ideal routine.  He doesn’t have to change a dirty diaper, and I don’t have to trudge down to a cold kitchen).

All this is done without the aid of light and without speaking.  If I were fanciful, I’d call it ‘ninja parenting’.  Since I’m not, we’ll just call it efficient.

Mr. Anonymous laid Doc back in bed as I cleared up the changing station.  Then I draped a blanket over the little guy as Mr. Anonymous handed him his cup.

“Dan doo!” was clear voice of appreciation in the darkness.

I could tell Mr. Anonymous was grinning as much as I.

“You’re welcome!” we both whispered before tiptoeing out of the room.

My goal this week is to be as grateful as a fifteen-month-old.