Each year, we keep small edible gifts on hand for when some thoughtful friend drops by with a Christmas gift… that way, I’m not left wildly grasping through the pantry for an unopened jar of Nutella or something.  Instead, I can honestly say, “Oh, thank you!  We have a gift for you, too!”

In the past, we’ve made mint jelly, rose jelly, hot cocoa packs stuffed in mugs, cinnamon dolce caramels, and other such goodies.  This year, I found this brilliant idea for rosemary infused honey.  Bea and I harvested some of the rosemary she gave me for Mothers’ Day a few years ago, cleaned and placed one sprig in each jar, poured honey over the top of it, worked up some lovely labels, and left them to steep.  For some of the guys, we’ve marketed the honey as a salmon glaze for the barbeque.  For a few uber chic ladies, we’ve labeled the jars as ‘Infused Drizzling Honey’ for their tea.

Other super easy gift ideas were these scarves.  IKEA had some Indian gauze red curtains that paired nicely with white trimming.  We cut the curtains into wide strips and embroidered them at the ends with red floss that matched the fabric.  The scarves have an embossed look now.

The last project that I’ll share here is from Virginia Lindsay of Gingercake.  I saw her mantle carolers last Christmas, but I was already finished making all my gifts.  This year, we put together a blue “winter” set for my stellar mother-in-law and a traditional red and green set for a friend who buys me a new Linnea calendar set each year.   (One of my favorite gifts!)

Hope your holiday crafting goes smoothly, is with friends, and is accompanied with excellent coffee (or hot chocolate).