On New Year’s Day, I didn’t have a resolution to lose any weight.

After this week, that may have to change.

Although, thanks to Marnie over at 3Pickles, I can still eat some marvelous dessert!  On Tuesday, my sweet tooth was itching.

I had gotten curious about this “nice” sweet dish (she has the naughty version, too) and whipped it together.  Worry set in when it was time to put it in the oven, though.

“This can’t be right!” I fretted.  “There’s no fat, and it looks like a huge wad of dough drown in hot water!”  I slid it in and shut the door.  “Oh, well.  It’s not like we’re having anyone over tonight.”

Ha!  Fast forward two hours, and nine people were sitting around the dinner table.  (Oh, how I LOVE the new table from Mr. Anonymous).  Aren’t impromptu dinner parties the best?!

Suffice it to say, when that pudding hit the table, everyone took a double helping.  The dish was scraped clean in shockingly fast order.

One of my dearest friends (complete foodie, devout Julia Child fan) refused to leave without the recipe.

I’d share a photo of it here, but Marnie’s photography far, FAR surpasses mine.  It’s a shame you can’t smell the bananas and caramel gloriously melting together through your screen.

So why the need for tossing a couple of pounds?


We celebrated a friend’s birthday this week at our place.  Mr. Anonymous and Bea don’t care much for cake, but I’m a big fan.  I saw a magical purple ombre cake on Raspberri Cupcakes and have been agonizing over how to justify making such a cake.  I mean, Doc and I can’t take down one of those alone!

The inside only had four layers, but it looked like this.  Seriously purple.  Mr. Anonymous said it reminded him of a paint chip card.  (That’s a compliment around here).

Coconut buttercream was what kept everything together on the inside, and cream cheese frosting held on all the sprinkles on the outside.  There’s so much I could do next time… think if it were lemon!  The bottom layer could be a dark yellow, and the spectrum could go all the way up to white!  Wouldn’t that be fine on a spring day?

Although sugar is taking a backseat for the Anonymouses this next week, I hope your week is super sweet!